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February 18, 2016
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God healed a Muslim woman and the miracle led to her family's conversion to Christianity (WordPress).

LA, CA (Catholic Online) – From her house in the Middle East, the actual name of Falida, whose, discussed the story of her mom, who became rather sick.

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Without one and nowhere else to turn, among Fadila’s brothers set out and returned to their house with “men of God” who’d “gifts of healing.”

Believing the “men of God” were also Muslim, the family consented to permit them to pray over their mum.

Fadila described, “One guy prayed. I felt uneasy, as it was different than Muslim du’a (prayer). In the name of Jesus he prayed to treat my mom.”

Fadila became angry when it had been found the guys were Christians. She ordered them out of her house and her mom fought to rise from your bed as the guys started to leave.
Her mom said she saw Jesus as the guys prayed, and that her touched with nail-pierced hands.

“She requested the pastor to excuse me [for telling them to go away] and additionally requested him to pray for my brother who’s an alcoholic,” Fadila said.

They prayed for her brother, who came to Christ, repented and subsequently admitted his sins.

Though it’s not safe, Fadila denoted her family continues to be reading the Bible and praying in their own time. Sadly, her stepmother has begun to threaten to report them.

“We request prayers,” Fadila included.
Thanks for blessing them with adoration and beliefs for the Holy Scriptures as well as you personally. Please shield them, Father, from persecution and discovery. Touch the stepmother of Fadila and bring her nearer to you.

We thank you, Lord, to your mercy, forgiveness and love. We request that you simply continue to distribute your Truth through revelations and wonders on the other side of the Middle East. Bring your kids strength and wisdom to endure scenarios that are out in their management

Help them to manage any scenario in ways which will bring glory to your own name, and also to trust in you, Father.


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