Actor held relationship a solution for benefit that was family’s

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June 16, 2016
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August 22, 2016

Actor held relationship a solution for benefit that was family’s

POPULAR 1980s celebrity and TV presenter Zainol Macwilson has admitted that he’s now wed to some 38-year old teacher from Perlis, reported Harian Metro.

Zainol, 58, famous for his part in the drama show Dia Semanis Honey, said when asked for his wife’s family, who didn’t want the wedding by the media from regard he’d formerly denied the union. That keep it a secret, it isn’t expected to shame, said the performer who’s in his third marriage.

Zainol, who’s the father of celebrity Zahirah Macwilson, told the daily that he’s understood her family and his wife but just reconnected in 2005, when he returned to Malaysia. She was married, when they met again. When both of our unions were in trouble We met again after a couple of years, he said.

Upon tests at the premises, nevertheless, authorities discovered the plants tagged daun ketum was really only coriander smacked with the label that was incorrect. The supermarket was let off with a caution to be alert later on and to correct the spelling gaffes, said the authorities.

When made into a beverage can cause dependence. The owner’s brother, 25, Wan Hanif Wan Mohd Noor, told the daily they were tracking down the horse. He found from a buddy that Seman was under someone else’s possession.
Seman’s new owner promised that it was purchased by him a 500 for RM1, few days past, said the civil servant.

The guy refused to return demanded RM1,000, Wan Mohd Eddie Sham, 39, and its owner Seman said Wan Hanif.
For now, I won’t as I’d preferably discuss the issue with the guy first be making a police report he included.

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